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Building a Boutique - Part Four - Open Up Buttercup!

Annnnnnd... I made it! Gifted officially opened on May 2nd in a soft, quiet kind of way. I was afraid of being overwhelmed (which happens to me easily) with "Grand Opening-ness" so I just ... opened. I unlocked my door and people came through it. No fireworks or singing quartets or bubble machines. Just me and my Mama and some really cute stuff. I was afraid that people wouldn't show up, but they DID and that was the coolest thing.

The response to the store has been the best part. People have said some really wonderful things about this baby of mine. She is "pretty" and "cute" and "charming" and "special" which is nice to hear after putting so much into the build. The feedback has been lovely, and I thank everyone who has taken the time to stop in these first weeks. It has been so fun to be in the store everyday and watch people discover the items I chose for the shelves. New things will be coming in all the time to just make it better and better. This is only the beginning!!

There have been great days where I know this is all going to work. There have been a few days where I am scared and wonder about my choices, but I think that is normal considering the risk of this venture. I am an optimist for sure. My advice to small business owners who ask me about my experiences is always "just keep going." Keep trying, adding, changing, moving, adapting. Just keep going and doing what needs to be done to build your dream. You will fail some. You will succeed more. Just don't stop. Don't let the small failures discourage you from continuing on to future successes. Think BIG PICTURE and KEEP GOING!


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