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I've Got That Itch!

I have a confession to make... I am a serial entrepreneur. I am. It's almost annoying. I really love business ideas and building the thing from the ground up. These ideas come and I think and think and think on them until they die... or, in this case, FLY. Most of them end up being duds or just not practical right now or too darn expensive. But... BUT... this one. Oh, this one! I love this one. Meet my new brand, Darling Poppy! Isn't she pretty?

Darling Poppy is going to be a pop-up boutique for little girls with an exclusive space inside Gifted Boutique and Wrappery. A boutique INSIDE a boutique... be still my heart. Like most ideas, Darling Poppy started as just a little spark of hope in my insides. "Oh, wouldn't that be fun?" or "I wish I could do that right NOW." I get that itch. If you are a creative business owner you probably know that itch. The tickle of a new idea. The swirl in your stomach when you think it might be a great one. The sleeplessness as you roll it around in your mind trying to figure out how and when and why and if you are totally nuts. For the record, I am totally nuts, but it leads me to places like this. Places where I am willing to take a risk, to try something, to play with something new and see where it takes me and my business. This is how I grow. It is usually the hard way, but this is my happy place. I never feel more excited or alive then when I am filled with a new creative idea. 

So, over the next few weeks I will be rolling out product for Darling Poppy on the Gifted website. The space in the store is set to launch in early April and we will have a little party to celebrate, of course. I really think this addition to Gifted will make my happy little shop even more special. I hope you will follow along on this one with me. It's gonna be cute you guys!!

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