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2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Welcome to the Gifted Boutique and Wrappery 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.

I've Got That Itch!

I have a confession to make... I am a serial entrepreneur. I am. It's almost annoying. I really love business ideas and building the thing from the ground up. These ideas come and I think and think and think on them until they die... or, in this case, FLY. Most of them end up being duds or just not practical right now or too darn expensive. But... BUT... this one. Oh, this one! I love this one.


"Y'all Have the Best Cards!"

I LOVE to hear customers laughing and enjoying our card selection. I often hear the phrase "y'all have the best cards" and it makes me so happy as a paper addicted, card hoarding gift shop owner. We have so many beautiful cards at Gifted Boutique and Wrappery, but I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you. 


Building a Boutique - Part Five - Reality

Reality. I like to think I live there, but really I have my head in the clouds a lot more than I care to admit. Partly, having a floaty brain is what leads me to creating things like Gifted. Other partly, having a floaty brain leads me to wondering if I paid my car insurance.

Building a Boutique - Part Four - Open Up Buttercup!

Annnnnnd... I made it! Gifted officially opened on May 2nd in a soft, quiet kind of way. I was afraid of being overwhelmed (which happens to me easily) with "Grand Opening-ness" so I just ... opened. I unlocked my door and people came through it.

Building a Boutique - Part Two - A Space to Call My Own

So, I have a business plan. Words on paper, organized and ready to show anyone who might be able to help me move forward from here. I was nervous about showing people my plan. I had never written one before so I didn't even know if it was "good" or not. I had to get over that fear very quickly because my next step in this process was all about the plan.

Building a Boutique - Part One - Homework (Eww.)

The planning stages of Gifted started in January 2015 with the spark of an idea for a great gift shop. I didn't want to open a store unless I could come up with an idea and plan to make it unique. I love boutiques, but I wanted to create a shop that people came to with intention. The end result is a happy marriage of two things I love... gifts and paper.