The Monthly Bean Heating Pad

$ 36.00

The Monthly Bean is a reusable, microwavable heating pad designed specifically for relieving cramps, aches and pains associated with your period. The "bean" shape hugs your lower tummy for soothing relief. Can also be used for back and shoulder aches, and can be used hot or cold.

- Made from 100% cotton with a muslin lining & double-stitched for extra strength.

- Stuffed with 25 oz. of organic flaxseed, which retains heat better than rice and has a nice, plush feel. Unscented.

- Approximately 6" x 13"

Handmade in CT

TO USE HOT- Heat in the microwave 80-90 seconds until desired warmth is reached. Do not microwave for more than 2 minutes at a time. Handle with care! Product will be hot.

TO USE COLD- Freeze for one hour to sooth discomfort.

Spot clean as needed.