Soap and Paper Factory Hand Cream

$ 23.00

Soap and Paper Factory Hand Cream

2.3 oz each.

Listing is for one hand cream. Available in four scents.

White Gardenia and Coconut make for the most glorious Hand Cream! Shea Butter will keep your skin silky smooth and super supple. Ingredient : Gardenia, Coconut & Citrus.

Our signature blend of three varieties of Lavender gives you a well-rounded bouquet, to relax your mind, body and soul, while moisturizing and keeping your skin soft and supple. Ingredient : Lavender, Bergamot & Clove

Green Tea hand cream is beyond luxe, and keeps your skin soft and moisturized, while its fragrance will linger for hours. The sweet fragrance of Green Tea, infused with Basil and Anise is unsuspecting and unique. Ingredient : Green Tea, Basil & Anise.

Jasmine in a sweet, floral hand cream is the ultimate for flower lovers, and will keep your skin silky smooth. Ingredient : Jasmine Absolute, Citrus & Tuberose.