Activity Box for Kids - Teacher Box Pre-2nd Grade

$ 18.00

Fun box filled with activity prompts for kids. This little box is stuffed with simple, meaningful activities and ideas for you and your child to enjoy together in the classroom.

All activities are geared towards Preschool through 2nd Grade students and can take as long or short as you like. Most of the activities can be done without much movement. Draw on lessons of the day, simple math, estimating/guessing, open-ended questions, discovering their environment, etc.

Use the coins to create a great activity to teach kids listening skills and following directions. Child-led activities build self esteem and promote independent little thinkers with stellar problem solving skills.

Ages 3 - 2nd grade

60 simple activities included listed on 30 natural wood coins measuring 1.5 inches each

Paper mache box is 4x4x2

Not for children under age 3