Baby Bib Apron - Mustaches

$ 19.95

Baby Apron - Mustaches

This mustache bapron is the perfect gift for any fun-loving mom who is DONE with boring bibs.

These baprons (think part bib, part apron) are handmade, and carefully stitched to flawlessly fit toddlers who wear children's clothing sizes 6 month - 3T. They measure 13" from the front of the child's neck to the bottom, and are designed to "bowl up" in your child's lap to stop splashes, dribbles, and spills from running into their lap while eating or painting.

BapronBaby bibs are made with a waterproof, durable-(yet-soft) material that is quick-drying, stain resistant, machine washable, and 100% certified baby-safe (free of harmful chemicals and safe for even the most sensitive of skin). They tie around your child's ribcage instead of their little neck, and because they are so comfortable and feather-light, they've proven themselves time and time again to be the perfect solution for toddlers who tug and pull at traditional bibs. Awesome, right?

Made in Phoenix, AZ