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Konnichiwa and Hello - A Celebrate Diversity Book

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Konnichiwa and Hello - A Celebrate Diversity Book 

Written by Tammy Robertson

Illustrations by Brittany Mash

Valerie believes that this day is going to be like any other school day, until, a new girl names Tomoka walks into her classroom. Tomoka has moved to America all the way from Japan. It's her first day of school and she's nervous and a bit scared. When Valerie smiles and offers an outstretched hand to Tomoka, the girls begin a friendship that soars past their outward differences and they become forever friends. They each learn to appreciate everything that makes them unique and special. Valerie and Tomoka also discover that in all the most important ways, they really are the same. 

The illustrations in the Celebrate Diversity book series are rich and dynamic. These books promote acceptance, inclusion and provide opportunities for questions, discussions, thought and laughter. 

Make sure to look for the hidden heart on every page!