Pure Wanderlust Wood Wick Candle - 16 oz.

$ 25.00

Pure Wanderlust Wood Wick Candle - 16 oz.

Made in Portland, Oregon

Hand poured wood wick soy candle (16 fl. oz.) in Pure Wanderlust scent. Pure Wanderlust begins with fresh air, earth tones and light florals mixing with cedar and pine. This smells like sitting by a cozy fireplace with a warm cup of tea, while the breeze blows through an open window.

All hand poured wood wick soy candles are made to order by hand, variations in the look/texture of the wax will vary from candle to candle and they are not considered defects or damages. Pure, renewable and US-grown soy wax is infused with paraben & phthalate free fragrances. Each candle includes an American Hardwood wooden wick. Wooden wicks are a great alternative to cotton and paper wicks. A wooden wick will increase the scent throw of your candle, as well as provide a slight "firewood" scent. They also make a really amazing crackling sound when lit (don't be nervous if you hear it!). Always light wooden wicks close to the base of your candle and not at the top. 

When you first light your wood wick candles, you should let it burn until it has achieved a full melt pool (liquefied wax that has reached the edges of the container). This will establish the memory burn and will help keep the scent in your candle strong and your wax from tunneling. Your initial burn is very important, but you should let your candle reach a full melt pool each time after, as well. Burn times will vary. If you are experiencing problems with your wood wick not staying lit, the solution is simple! It just needs to be trimmed a bit. To trim it, make sure the wax is firm and cool to the touch, then use your fingers to pinch off the burnt top of the wick.