Rose Artisan Soap

$ 7.00

Rose Artisan Soap

This elaborately swirled pink and white Rose soap has such a classic scent! Styled after the wild Alberta rose, it is fresh but soft with undertones of green stem and moist earth. This is no old lady rose! A fresh and young, happy floral scent. Smells just like sticking your nose in an actual rose bush while walking by your neighbor's garden, so gardeners and flower enthusiasts rejoice! The pastel and dusty pink with white swirl and label give this item a great shabby chic look.

These rose soaps are a popular choice for wedding favors, bridal shower favors, and gifts to awesome ladies everywhere.

Made from an all-vegetable oil and glycerin base. All our soaps are wrapped in biodegradable cellophane. This Rose soap is entirely vegan. It has plenty of lather and lasts a long time!

ingredients: vegetable soap base: [glycerin, cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil), limnanthes alba seed oil (meadowfoam oil), helianthus annus seed oil (sunflower seed oil), selaeis guinnesis oil (palm oil), sorbitol, titanium dioxide], fragrance oil, oxides (mineral colorant).

Made in Montreal, Canada.