She's Just Like Me - A Celebrate Diversity Book

$ 19.99

She's Just Like Me - A Celebrate Diversity Book

Written by Tammy Robertson

Illustrations by Emily Franson

Ave Pearl dreams of finding a best friend with whom she can share her heart. When the new neighbors move in, she decided to take a chance and knocks on their front door. To her surprise, Ami, the little girl who now lives there, is dressed just like her! Both girls soon find what they're looking for - a new best friend. This charming story shows what happens when black and white doesn't matter, only the sharing of their hearts. Children everywhere will enjoy this heartwarming story of enchantment, friendship and delight.

The illustrations in the Celebrate Diversity book series are rich and dynamic. These books promote acceptance, inclusion and provide opportunities for questions, discussions, thought and laughter. 

Make sure to look for the hidden heart on every page!