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Teeny Bath Time 1 oz. Candle

$ 3.50

Teeny Bath Time Candle

These tiny candles are always ooohed and ahhhed because they are just so cute! Perfect for a little comfort during a hot bath. A great addition to a gift box!

Approximate burn time: 5-6 hrs

1oz Mini Mason Jar with screw lid

Dimensions: Height: 1.7 x 1.7" in

Vegetable oil based fragrance oil blended with high quality essential oils

Dye Free * Phthalates Free * Environmentally safe * Cotton Wicks * Soy Wax*  Made in the USA


MIDNIGHT:  Nag Champa + patchouli + sweet plumeria + sandalwood + vanilla

NIRVANA: Amber + tobacco leaves + sweet vanilla + honey + tonka bean oil

SO FRESH: Apple + orange + lily + rose + amber + musk

TEA TIME: Bergamot + thyme + mandarin + ginger + jasmine blossom

BELOVED: Warm clove + sweet vanilla + amber musk + patchouli